At KnitByHeart we are proud to offer a sustainable selection of quality yarns. We have all types of yarn in stock.

Online yarn webshop

At KnitByHeart.dk you can find a large range of yarn and accessories for knitting and crochet. We stock over 2.000 different yarns. In our range you can find both affordable yarns and premium yarn for your next knitting project!

Yarn at cheap prices

We aim to offer our yarn at affordable prices internationally. We also prize a good service and high quality in all our range. KnitByHeart.dk is quality yarn at affordable prices!

Yarn for all seasons

No matter the time of year, you will be able to find exactly the yarn you seek at KnitByHeart.dk! We have yarntypes and colors for both winter, summer, spring and fall!

Which yarn should I use?

Depending on the project you are working on, we have a great assortment of yarntypes to offer.


Wool is a natureyarn which is produced all over the world, in variable qualities. We primarily receive our wool from New Zealand, Iceland and Norway, which produce quality wool! Wool is a great choice of yarn for winter knit, or in general products that are going to be used in a colder climate. Wool can absorb up to 30% moisture, making it ideal for active life in cold enviroment.


Wool from the alpaca llama is en extremely warm yarn which is also soft and elastic. Opposite regular wool, the alpaca does not scratch or itch when worn directly on the skin. Our alpaca wool origins from primarily Peru and Bolivia.


Mohair is often a mixture of thin fibres from angora goat, spun with either wool or silk. Like wool and alpaca, mohar has an extremely high isolating nature. Mohair gives your projects a premium and fluffy look, and shares a lot of properties with regular wool.


Soft cottonfibres that grow on the cottonplant are used for a wide variaty of knitting projects today. Its very strong and resilient, which is also the reason that a lof knitters use cotton for their daily-wear projects.


Linen is another plantbased fibertype yarn, which is nearly always mixed with other types of yarn. It has nearly zero isolation capacity, which makes it a good choice for summer projects.

Cheap yarn online

At KnitByHeart.dk you can find all the yarns you decire, at affordable cheap prices! Cheap yarn at KnitByHeart.dk is also quality yarn. Our webshop is open 24/7 all days of the year, making it accessable and easy for you knitters out there!