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Mohair 21 is one of the finest and softest mohair qualities you can imagine.
The number 21 in the name of the yarn comes from the gauge of the mohair fibres, which are just 21 micron. This exquisite quality mohair is otherwise only used in haute couture.
And now you can get this wonderful quality on your needles.
It is available in many beautiful colors and you combine several strands of the same colour, or mix shades as the mood takes you, to produce your own uniquely coloured yarn.
Thanks to our programme Trace your Yarn, you can trace the yarn back to the farm of origin in Australia by scanning the QR code on the ball band. Also, the mohair fibres are certified RMS (Responsible Mohair Standard), which guarantees the welfare of the goats, sustainable land management and fair and safe working conditions from farm to finished product.